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Hi everyone. First off we’d like to thank you for stopping by our blog and taking the time to read this. We thought it would be helpful for our users if we made a sort of introductory post about who we are, what we do and what our goal is with the Free Rapid Account blog. Hopefully, this will clear up any questions you might have about the site.

We’re just a small group of people who wanted to make it easier for users to find all the information they need about today’s most popular apps and web services – everything from what they can expect if they create an account there, to step by step instructions to make setting up an account a breeze.

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How we help you create accounts

What we wanted to do with this blog was provide useful information for people who are thinking about whether or not they should create an account on any of the major websites and mobile apps. We have personal experience with all of the sites and apps ourselves, so we try to give you a simple but detailed explanation of the benefits of creating an account with each individual service.

For example, you’ll learn which Yahoo! features are only accessible to members with an account vs. the services that anyone can use whether they are signed up or not, plus the tools that get better when you create an account on Yahoo because you can save and personalize things. And then if, after you’ve read through the various benefits, you decide you do want to create a Yahoo account for yourself, you’ll find simple instructions that will walk you through the entire process, from start to finish.

Another example which many people may find useful is, what’s the point of creating a YouTube account? Many people don’t even realize there is such a thing, but there are plenty of good reasons to create a YouTube account, whether you plan on uploading your own videos or not. And as always, at the end of the article outlining the benefits of registering an account, there are step by step instructions to help you create your own YouTube account if you decide you want to go ahead with it.

Creating an account on all of today’s hottest apps

Social apps are coming and going so fast that it’s hard to keep up with all of them, but our goal on the Free Rapid Account blog is to give you the lowdown on the best of the best, the sites and apps that aren’t going to be old news by the time you finish reading the article. That means learning about the perks that come with creating an account on sites like Google, Facebook, Hotmail, or Yahoo, and going forward expanding to some of the hottest apps that are mobile only or predominantly mobile, like Instagram or SnapChat.

In every case, you’ll get to read an in-depth explanation of what you can expect when you create each type of account, with a few notes from our own personal experience with these websites and social apps. And when you finish reading an explanation and decide that the reasons are compelling enough that you want to create a Facebook account, or Google account, or whatever it may be, you don’t have to start a whole other search escapade trying to figure out what you need to do to open the account. We’ve got everything you need right here to figure out if a certain account is right for you, and how to sign up if it is.

Information on how to create an account

We will often link directly to the website that is discussed in each post; these links go to the official site, so you don’t have to worry about them taking you anywhere weird where your computer will be inundated with unsavory pop-up ads or malware (yuck!). There’s no software to download here – we’re happy to have you download any app from your device’s official marketplace – just information on how to create an account on a wide variety of popular services, for information’s sake.

In many cases, you’ll find that some accounts are sandwiched or nested inside other types of accounts, which can be convenient but also surprising for many people. For example, Yahoo! owns the photo storage and sharing site Flickr, meaning you’ve basically already created a Flickr account as soon as you’ve create your Yahoo account. Similarly, Google owns YouTube, so if you create a Google or Gmail account, you automatically have a YouTube account too; conversely, it’s impossible to create a YouTube account without also creating a Google/Gmail account. The same goes for Hotmail and Microsoft tools like OneDrive cloud storage.

If any such “nested” accounts exist in whatever service you’re reading about, we’ll try to cover them so that you can avoid the hassle of trying to create a YouTube account, not realizing you already have one because you use Gmail.

Final words on Free Rapid Account

Well, that’s pretty much all there is to know about us and our blog. We hope that you’ll find our posts informative and useful when it comes to deciding if it’s worth it to create an account on a particular website or not. We’ve done our best to list the most important benefits, bonus services and accessory tools that come with each type of account on the blog – in many cases, they aren’t comprehensive because some accounts (Yahoo! comes to mind) have enough accessory services and tools to fill volumes. But we feel confident that this information about why and how to create accounts will be beneficial for the majority of internet users, especially those who aren’t very familiar with technology and need a few pointers on getting started when it comes time to create an account on Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook, or what have you.

Thanks for reading our introduction post and getting to know a bit more about us and our blog. If you’re looking for something in particular, check out the right

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